Road Rage Instant Karma in Vancouver

Driving downtown in the afternoon, traffic gets stopped because of construction and we’ve been sitting here for a couple of minutes. I notice a car speeding down the parking lane behind me. Traffic starts moving again and I obviously did not want to let him in, so I sped up a bit. The engine/exhaust sound you hear as I was speeding up is NOT from my car, it’s the exhaust from the other car. Rest is pretty self-explanatory. At the end of the video, he yelled “Fuck you, It’s your fucking fault, mother fucker, Fuck off.”

I admit that I was more aggressive than I usually would’ve been in a situation like this because I was driving a rental/courtesy car. My car’s getting serviced and the dealer gave me this in the meantime.

The camera used in this video is a MateGo model. There’s only one store in Greater Vancouver that sells this model currently, you can purchase it through here:


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